Sharing your employer info at tax time in a way that protects all parties involved.

With tax season right around the corner and the time for W-2’s to have been sent, are you making sure that sensitive information is being secure?  There is a lot of information being sent around this time of year and the IRS warns of cyber thefts, frauds and tax scams increasing this time of year. What can you do to take the proper precautions to protect your employees and yourself?

Train your staff. Make sure your staff know and understand the procedures. Make sure they know how scams work.

Be tech savvy. Know that the caller ID can be fake. Scammers will fake information and try to trick or bully you into giving out your information. Check the return email address. Social media can be fake. Stop before replying to any accounts.

Shred, shred and shred. Make sure all sensitive information is shredded. Educate your HR and payroll staff, use 2-factor authentication to log into accounts and for sending out W-2s.

There are several ways scammers and cybercriminals try to get your information to steal from you or to use your information. It’s important to protect yourself and your employers. Would you notify the IRS if you are being scammed?.