Hillsborough County Bar Association

We have partnered with the Hillsborough County Bar Association to provide a benefit for its members.

On behalf of the Hillsborough County Bar Association, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new major medical member benefit that has been endorsed by the Board. The health insurance program is for members of the Hillsborough County Bar. The major medical benefit is offered thru Aetna and could provide some potential savings and some up-front premium credits based on your enrollment.

About SGP Advisors formerly Shea Barclay Group

Shea Guercio Partners (formally known as SGP Advisors) was established in 1995 and work with over 2500 law firms in 48 states and 150 law firms in Hillsborough County. We offer multiple insurance products to assist firms with their insurance needs and have worked with HCBA for over 15 years.


Why would a firm entertain this program as an option for their employee’s health insurance?

The program offers financial advantages both initially and over the period of the program. Firms can receive premium credits depending on how many enroll. If the plan performs well and claims are below what was projected, the firm shares in the savings.

Is there a minimum number of employees to participate?

The program is available for firms with at least 2 employees. We will provide guidance for solo practitioners.

What is included in this new benefits program?

Health, Dental, Vision, Life, web-based enrollment system, mobile application and a comprehensive wellness offering.

HCBA Member coverage includes:

Concierge Doctor services available

Cost savings up to 15% when switching from fully insured plans *

Cost containment strategies to manage claims and control costs

Premium refund with good claims history and 100% of excess claims fund

Aetna and Cigna networks

Web based enrollment system included

100% transparency showing cost drivers and plan performance

Custom mobile app for all members

Dedicated account representative

Complete Wellness program

Special discount on dental, vision and life programs

Complete analysis of partner income protection which is very often undervalued

Can receive up to $900 premium credit per enrolled employee


If you would like to consider this, please fill out the contact form below:

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