Accountants Professional Liability

SGP Advisors offers coverage tailored to the services you offer, from traditional to cutting edge.

Professional liability lawsuits were once filed primarily due to errors and omissions. Today, lawsuits originate from a variety of circumstances. Clients facing financial difficulties frequently attempt to offset their losses at the expense of their CPA. As accounting firms offer more assurance, financial planning and consulting services, the risk increases.

The SGP Advisors plan provides comprehensive coverage to protect your practice against liability risk in both traditional and non-traditional accounting services you may offer.

Our plan covers your entire staff, including principals, partners and employees. Coverage is provided for all full-time, part-time and even temporary staff.

Option for claim Expenses Outside the Limits of Liability

You can choose to have all claim expenses paid in addition to the liability limits you select. This option makes your entire liability limit available for claim resolution, while an equal limit is available for legal fees, court costs, and other expenses related to your defense.

Expanded Coverage for Fiduciary Services

The SGP Advisors Plan covers services as an executor, administrator, or personal representative of an estate; ad as a trustee for a personal trust.

Clarified Coverage for Personal Financial Planning Services

The SGP Advisors Plan provides coverage in accordance with policy terms for financial planning and investment advisory services to clients.

Extended Claims Reporting Period Coverage (ERP)

Sixty days ERP coverage is automatically included in most policies. Additional coverage for one, three or five years is available, in most states.

Competitive Rates

Premiums are based primarily on billings and includes comprehensive professional liability coverage for all principals, partners and employees.

Most Carriers Can Offer Premium Credits For The Following

Engagement Letter Credit

A premium credit is awarded to firms employing the regular use of engagement letters.

Peer Review Credit

A premium credit is awarded to firms which have undergone Peer Review within the last three years and obtained an unqualified opinion.

Experience Rating Credit

A premium credit is awarded to firms that are claim-free for five years or longer.


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