As a firm, SGP Advisors is constantly highlighting solutions to help add value to our clients. We are excited to expand our Reps & Warranties Insurance (RWI) products by partnering with for all types of transactions regardless of industry.

Did you know?

SGP Advisors offers Reps & Warranties Insurance (RWI) for all types of transactions regardless of industry, with a rating based on total enterprise value.


RWI is a type of insurance policy used in corporate transactions and designed to protect both the buyer and seller from certain contractual breaches. The benefit of having such coverage can heavily reduce or even eliminate the need for escrow funds which provides tangible value to the seller, while at the same time utilizing a risk transfer strategy to limit their downside to the seller.


SGP Advisors is excited to announce a partnership with lo.Insure to deliver a first of its kind, innovative product offering. Historically cost prohibitive and cumbersome from an underwriting perspective, this new development provides a more affordable solution to the marketplace. While WI is nothing new, the commercial insurance market for this coverage has never presented a solution for M&A transactions with valuations under $100MM, and certainly not under $50MM. This product is designed to accomplish exactly that and fill the void in a very active sector where the insurance demand and requirement is becoming more and more prevalent. Through a more automated approach and lower fee structure, this product is now available and more efficient both from a cost and procurement standpoint, and will undoubtedly disrupt the RWI marketplace.